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Learn English & Improve English - Easily, Fast and the Right Way



It is very painful to see many people from Hyderabad struggling with English. Particularly, a large number of young graduates from Hyderabad are either struggling to find employment or gain career advancement in white collar jobs due to lack of proper English skills.

To learn English many people go in the wrong direction. Making their journey to learn English – painful and stressful. Are you one of them struggling to learn or improve English? Do you think you have tried everything, attended enough English training courses and still could not learn English properly? Do you want to know how to improve English effectively? Then you are at the right place.

We believe it as our social responsibility to help you out of this. This section helps you learn English the way those who are good with English teach their family and friends. You could say these are secret formulae to learn English and improve English skills quickly.

Our goal is to help people learn English the right way. We offer you tips to quickly improve English easily. We provide ample guidance in learning English to communicate effectively and professionally in English. We will teach how to learn English quickly, in a sequential manner. We provide tips, interesting facts and common mistakes people make in learning English.

Remember, language should be fun, entertaining and exciting! Just the way it is in families and schools that develop good skills in the young ones. These tips are not found in the commercial English coaching institutes. But none who is good in English goes to the English coaching institutes.


Spoken English – Is it the Only Way to Learn English?

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of thinking that learning English is same as spoken English. People who want to learn English believe that learning English starts and ends with spoken English. This is one of the main reasons why they fail to master the language. If learning English is not same as spoken English, why so many people think that spoken English is equal to learning English? Also why spoken English alone is not enough to learn English? To find out answers to this, read on. Read More………..


Glamorizing English Makes it Difficult to Learn English

Glamorizing English makes learners keep the language at high pedestal. As a result they think that it is complex and not easy. Glamorizing keeps the people away from learning English quickly. The moment you glamorize, it becomes 3 times more difficult to learn English. You will develop a sense of inferiority and feel substandard, which basically is the major obstacle to learn English. It is useless and a stupid way of thinking.

Read More…………


English Gives Access to Wisdom from Across the World

Literature makes us knowledgeable about the thinking patterns of various cultures. Literature is an important part of history. It consists of classical writings by many good people, philosophers, administrators, poets etc. It might be difficult to get access to learned people, but it is easy to get access to their books. You need to have good reading ability in English to understand this vast knowledge from thousands of wise people. learning English gives direct access to the thinking, ideas, concepts and knowledge that can help you lead a better life.

Read More……….


Entertainment – Key to Learn English

Many people today think that lifting weights is easier than learning English. They are scared to learn the English language as feel that learning English is very complex, painful and stressful. The reason – they didn’t have the right experience or direction to learn English. Thanks to our schools and English training institutes, which focus only on complex grammatical concepts and vocabulary. Read More……….


Tools You Need to Learn English

Many people do not know the right approach and right tools to use to learn English easily. The moment we think of learning English, big books that are difficult to read/understand come to our mind. The other thing that comes to mind is spoken English institutes, which promise 100% assurance in results, in the least possible time.
Read More…………


Have an Ear for English to Learn English

There are many people in Hyderabad (in fact in our country) who want to learn English but fail continuously to learn it. Many experience frustration while learning English at some or the other point. Do you know why this happens? They don’t have an ear for English or don’t have an attachment to English. Read More……….


Enhanced English – Only Rescue Option for BPOs in India

India’s image as a hot spot for BPO’s is slowly starting to fade away. In spite of being the world’s second most populated country, it has already lost 50% of its BPO market share to Philippines, a country which has only one-tenth of Indian population. The BPO sector was once considered as a trendsetter in employment field is now actually facing a dearth of talented individuals. Reason? – Lack of spoken English and communication skills in our employees. Read More………..


Improve English Writing Skills Applying Benjamin Franklin’s Principles

Writing is a learnt skill, not born. Even Benjamin Franklin both critically acclaimed as well as popular had poor writing skills. He worked on it to improve his writing skills.

Benjamin Franklin was “America’s first great man of letters” in the view of David Hume and many others, so we might naturally wonder how he came to be the extraordinary writer he was. His own account of it in his autobiography is well known – most of us read it in school – but in light of what we now know about how great performers develop, several elements of the story seem more significant and instructive than we may have realized. Read More………..


Why Focusing on English Writing Skills is More Important Than Spoken English?

One is amazed to see the craze to learn spoken English and mushrooming of the institutions teaching spoken English. These institutes claim to make you fluent in English in a matter of days. People spend good money to learn spoken English but fail to understand that written English is what required to excel in career and professional front. Although there are no reservations with these institutes, but they are of limited or no use for career growth. Read More……….



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