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Tools You Need to Learn English

Many people do not know the right approach and right tools to use to learn english easily. The moment we think of learning English, big books that are difficult to read/understand come to our mind. The other thing that comes to mind is spoken English institutes, which promise 100% assurance in results, in the least possible time.

Are they really helpful? Ask anybody who tried these things. The answer will most probably be ‘NO’. Then why are people still doing those things which never provide efficient results?

Before you look for an easy and quick way to improve English skills, you should first understand that English is a skill and not a subject. Hence stuffing the information from every nook and corner of the English books does not help. It is not the right way to go about learning a language.

Learning English is simple and all it takes is the right process of learning. Firstly, you need is the minimum set of materials to learn English quickly and easily. Let us have a look at this small ‘English learning set’, which is the best way (easy and fun) and has the minimum set of tools to learn English.

Vocabulary book: What is a language without words? Until and unless you are aware of the words, you cannot use the language properly. Vocabulary book, may sound like any other boring book, but is actually interesting as it contains all the commonly used words in that language. Probably, the fast way to improve English is to learn commonly used words.

Dictionary: Dictionary and vocabulary book may sound similar but they are not. The vocabulary book gives only a list of commonly used words along with their meaning, their origin plus some examples to make it easy to use the words. Whereas the dictionary, gives the words and meaning and sometimes how to use them in a language. It is good to be familiar with the most common words and their meanings in English. Dictionary makes it easier to understand the words. You use a dictionary to find meanings of words for which you are not sure of the meaning, especially as you are reading something. You use the vocabulary book so that you can use the right words easily while speaking and writing.

Illustrated comics and stories: If you think that above sources are serious, then here comes the entertainment side of the language. The smarter way to learn English is to find something easy and fun so that you put more effort to improve English skills. To learn and improve English quickly, it’s not advisable doing heavy exercises or going through serious literature. Illustrated comics and stories are the best aids to improve and learn English quickly and while having fun.

Note Book: A dedicated note book for writing notes for learning English makes it easy to make fast progress. English learning process will take longer without this. A good learner will make a note of important points to remember for future in the process of learning. Later they can only look through the small notes or refer them regularly to vastly improve their English skills.

The number of tools mentioned above may appear less, but they are the most effective ones which help in going through the English learning process easily. We believe learning process always should be kept simple, to be productive. It is not about struggle, it is about smooth process. Proper usage of these tools will ensure you get command over English quickly and easily.

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