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  Why Study Abroad
The experience of studying abroad is one that most students cherish. Study abroad programs have always fascinated the Indian students. It provides a student with a new world-view, new friends, and memories to last a lifetime. Quite simply, there is no better environment for Indian students to take hold of their future... In this competitive world it has become important to choose the right career.
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The USA has the world’s largest international student population, with nearly 600,000 students. At the graduate level, U.S. colleges and universities offer both research and professional degrees. For those of you who have already made the choice to study in the United States, you are now faced with the task of matching your goals and needs with the right program.


UK qualifications are recognised and respected throughout the world. All UK qualifications have to meet rigorous standards. A certificate, diploma or degree from a UK institution will let employers know that you're capable of independent thought, able to undertake research and analysis and that you're prepared to work hard. You'll gain the skills and qualities employers want.


Australia is a dynamic and vibrant country with a great deal to offer students looking for international education. Australia offers an education experience that makes a real difference. Australia now has around 455 000 international students from over 140 countries around the world. Australia also offers excellent value for money and a standard of living, which is among the highest in the world.





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Authorised Test Registration Centre for IELTS and PTE



IELTS test day advice

Prepare for your test day; success starts with IELTS

You will find the IELTS test centre staff friendly, welcoming and highly professional. They will make sure that the test is delivered fairly and securely. Follow their instructions carefully.

The week before your test

Check the start time and location of your IELTS test the week before, and make sure you know how to get there on time.

Remember, the address of your IELTS test location may be different to that of the test centre where you booked your test.

Take the time to read full details of the ‘IELTS test terms and conditions’ for important information about your IELTS test day. 

Your IELTS test day

You need to arrive in good time for your IELTS test. If you arrive late, you may not be allowed to take the test.

Switch off your mobile phone and any other electronic devices. You will be asked to place these with other personal belongings outside the test room.

The Listening, Reading and Writing tests take 2 hours 40 minutes and there are no breaks between each part of the test.

Make sure you are prepared and have something to eat and drink beforehand. You will not be allowed to take food into the test room; you will only be allowed to take a drink in a transparent bottle.

Your identity and photographs

The IELTS test location staff will check your identity when you arrive.

Make sure you have the right ID with you. If you arrive with the wrong ID, you will not be allowed to take the test.

You may also need two recent identical passport-sized photographs.

Test Day Photography

Some test locations will now also take a photograph of you on the test day – this photograph taken by the test centre will appear on your Test Report Form to provide increased identity security. Your test centre will let you know if it is going to do this. For more information see IELTS candidate identity verification.

Check the details that you were given when you booked the test to make sure you take the right ID and photographs with you.

During the IELTS test

You will only be allowed to have a pen or pencil, an eraser and your ID on your desk. 

If you need to go to the bathroom during the test, put your hand up to attract the attention of the invigilator. Do not disturb other candidates.

If you have any questions during the test, raise your hand to ask for help.

When you take the Listening test, check that you can hear the test properly. Raise your hand straightaway and let the invigilator know if you cannot hear the recording.

Please remember that you will have 10 minutes after the Listening section to fill in your answer sheet. You will not have 10 minutes after the Reading section, so please make sure that you write your answers on your Reading answer sheet as you complete each section.

At the end of the test

Stay in your seat until the invigilator gives you permission to leave the room.

If you think that there have been any issues that may have affected your performance, tell the invigilator straightaway.

If you want to make a complaint about your test day, you need to do this within one week of the test date.

Your invigilator will have a Test Day Incident Form. Please fill this in if you want to raise an issue or make a complaint.

Special arrangements

If you have asked for special arrangements as a result of a disability or other condition, adjustments will be made for you on the test day.

Test day tips

Understand the task

Follow instructions carefully during the test. Remember that the Writing parts of the test have specific word length requirements.

Allow enough time for each question

Some questions have suggested time limits for you to follow. Every test room will have a clock on the wall. Stay aware of the time during the test so that you can complete all the questions.

Stay calm enough to do your best

If you feel worried, take deep breaths to calm down. Focus on the questions and do not rush your answers. This will help you to do your best.


How to prepare for the IELTS test

IELTS measures your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, and assesses your ability to communicate for work, study or life in an English-speaking country.

The first step is to make sure you understand the IELTS test format. You need to know what will be expected of you on test day.

Understand the IELTS test format

  • Study the test format to make sure that you know what to expect.
  • Look carefully at the content of each part of the IELTS test: listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  • Get to know the different types of questions that you may be asked in each part.

Once you are familiar with the IELTS test format, you will need to undertake a number of focused preparation activities.

Recommended preparation activities

  • Examine our IELTS practice test papers and answers.
  • Take practice tests under timed conditions.
  • Practise with the People's Career IELTS preparation resources.
  • Review our IELTS test day advice.


Some native English speakers are surprised to find that they score lower grades than non-native English speakers who have only been studying English for a few years. This can happen if you take IELTS unprepared. If you are a native English speaker and need to take IELTS to emigrate, make sure you prepare for the test!

Understand the IELTS test format

Take the time to understand the IELTS test format. There are two versions of the test: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Both are graded in exactly the same way.

You will take the first three parts of the test all on one day in the following order: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. There are no breaks between the first three tests.

You will take the Speaking test either on the same day, or 7 days before or after that, depending on local arrangements.

A range of native-speaker accents (North American, Australian, New Zealand and British) is used in the Listening test, and all standard varieties of English are accepted in responses in all parts of the test.

Overview of information available on this site about the format of IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training









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